Pleased to support NURTUREart with my contribution to the 2017 Benefit, Portal Series: Wall Work/ Cotton Cord.

Join me on February 16, 1017 @ the The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts.  Artwork from participating artists here and tickets here.

Co-Chairs: Jack Eriksson, Rico Gatson, Rachel Klinghoffer.

Portal Series: Wall Work/ Cotton Cord, Laser Cut Acrylic, Bees Wax/ 15 in x 18 in/ 2015

The impact of one perspective-shifting day.

STIR at the Guggenheim was an inspiration.  Pleased to have activated art for over two hundred leaders and visionaries in the healthcare industry for the Experience Lab event. Below, I introduce Agnes Martin in a guided art contemplation.



And how excellent to arrive at STIR and be greeted by one of my favorite quotes.  The magic is always in unexpected connections. 


STIR is almost here!

So thrilled to have developed gallery activations for STIR– a gathering of artists, visionaries, change seekers, and health care leaders at the incomparable Guggenheim Museum on Dec. 15th 2016.

Looking forward to connecting mind, heart and body to the works of Agnes Martin, Monet and Kandinsky.


Excited to be speaking- Aug 3rd in Boston.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.54.14 AM

The Virtual Studio: Strategies for Integrating E-Learning Portfolios at an Art and Design School Mariah Doren and Anette Millington, Parsons School of Design.

Portfolios have a natural affinity with schools of art and design because the presentation of final work is traditionally delivered in a portfolio format. In introducing the learning portfolio at Parsons, we sought to develop a tool that is internally (building a reflective practice of learning), as opposed to externally (the curation and presentation of finished projects) facing. One of our major goals was to foreground the thinking embedded in the design process. In the two years since launch, we have been pleased by the student success in using the tool as a digital sketchbook and virtual studio visit. Many faculty have found it an invaluable way to support reflective learning. As we build culture around the use of the e-LP there are some interesting hurdles to implementation, including how to manage a tool that follows students across their undergraduate experience, but must “land” in specific courses, and building a reflective component to benchmark for assessment.